Workshop with Connie Winters


Workshop at Tyler White O'Brien Gallery September 16 & 17, 2017
Saturday & Sunday
with Connie Winters
9:30am-4pm ($250)
Supply list included, email

Connie Winters has become a very popular and sought after teacher of oil painting. Although her works are impressionistic, her method of teaching can be used for any style. She is one of the few instructors who teach real basics of getting the paint from the pallet to the canvas.

There will be a demonstration each morning to show how a painting evolves from beginning to almost finish. The first day usually starts with a still life to promote the importance of working from life and how to go about it. Connie likes to demonstrate painting an interior, and a landscape to show that the same steps can be applied to any situation.

Color, composition, value, drawing and many useful pointers will be touched on. The whole spectrum of utensils, canvases, mediums, etc. will be discussed. Connie is open to all questions during the workshop, is patient, thorough and consistent.




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