Dottie Leatherwood


Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, I have always had a passion for art.  From drawing what must have amounted to thousands of pictures of horses and dogs as a child to studying art in college, it has always been as natural as breathing to me.   For the last ten years while my children were small, I ran a successful business painting murals and decorative pieces. Here and there, I would snatch a few moments to paint for myself.   Now that my children are older, I have decided to return to my love of painting full time and have studied with several well known artists.  I currently  live  in Charlotte, North Carolina with my family.

Painting to me, is about capturing and preserving the emotion and energy of a moment in time with the simple instruments of brush and paint.  Having grown up on the coast, I always draw my inspiration from nature and the bright clear light.   My art is all about layers of rich vibrant color and vigorous brushstrokes.  


I am drawn to patterns and strong shapes and my painting is often more about these observations and less about the subject itself.  If I can make the observer feel as though they are immersed and transported through the color and enthusiasm of my painting then I have succeeded!